Training Videos / BASIC TRAINING

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1.  DT Systems videos

Excellent series for basic training of the puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months. Although Retriever based, the training is the same for the Versatile breeds for the first few months. Remember, however, to balance this training with the field training for hunting and pointing! (See the Riffmuir Videos, below, and use whatever training notes or books you have in conjunction with the videos)

Stick to basic training concepts and keep things simple - you do not need all of the products that DT sells. There should be no need for an E-collar for a pup, so  do not put one on your youngster, as in Video 5. Use the concepts in these videos, but things such as e-collar conditioning and force fetch are better left alone until you are more experienced and the dog is much older (if at all).

Video 8 provides a good overview of introducing the pup to game. However, a note of caution for our versatile / HPR dogs: do not do much hunting up of dead game as suggested - we do not want to teach our dogs to drive in on game scent just yet, as this may be counter-productive to your pointing training. A few times is ok, but don't overdo it.

For the rest, the training concepts are very sound and useful! Set of 14 short videos


2.  Riffmuir Videos

UK based HPR training videos. The below are basic puppy training- retrieving and quartering. 

It is not necessary to use the whistle for turns quite as much as he does. By all means develop a quartering pattern to an extent, and teach turns on the whistle - but remember that it's the dog that's doing the hunting - not you!

1.  Baby Puppy retrieve train 1 (from 8 weeks)

2.  Baby Puppy retrieve train 2

3.  Baby Puppy train 3

4.  Puppy Walking 1 (3 to 5 months)

5.  Puppy Walking 2

6.  Puppy Quartering Training* (4 to 6 months)

7.  Quartering Training at 8 months


3.  Lily Lo

Basic Dog Training Rules 


4,  Steve Ries - top gun kennels

Obedience Training for Bird Dogs