versatile testing expands! new tests, new Clubs, new challenges!

SAVHDA has entered a new phase! We are now an informal Alliance of several clubs working together to promote the versatile hunting dog breeds and to help you get the most out of your versatile (HPR) dog.

From the humble beginnings of SAVHDA in 2016, there are now several recognized testing systems in place to help you and your versatile dog achieve more and become a better hunting team! These testing systems are recognized by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) and are offered by KUSA-affiliated clubs. SAVHDA itself no longer offers any tests, but is dedicated to supporting the Alliance clubs that do.

Four KUSA clubs form the South African Versatile Hunting Dog Alliance. Any of these may offer any of the currently recognized KUSA Tests. These clubs are:

The Highveld Versatile Hunting Dog Club (Gauteng and surrounds)

The Versatile Pointing Dog Club (Western Cape)

The Working Deutsch Drahthaar Club (Gauteng and surrounds)

The Weimaraner Klub (Gauteng and other parts of South Africa)

You will find more information about these clubs and the test systems throughout this website. Stay tuned as we update the website to be current with all the new information and Tests!