Gauteng Test - suikerbos, september 24

 Results from the recent SAVHDA Test in September!

 Suikerbos, Gauteng - September 24, 2018

1 Entry in the OAVHT (Advanced Test for dogs over 2 years)
3 Entries in the NHT (Novice Hunting Test)
1 Entry in the JVHT (Junior Test for dogs under 16 months)

Judges: Trudi Winter (Senior), Mariann Wilson, Matthew Berry

Learner Judge: Werner Terblanche

Test Director: Oscar Neumeyer

Junior Versatile Hunt Test (JVHT)

- Daci, GSP bitch handled by Hennie van Niekerk                   JVHT Prize 2 (107 Points)

Novice Hunt Test (NHT)

- Kip, GSP male handled by Caren Ziady                                    NHT Prize 3 (143 Points)

- Elvis, GWP male handled by Hannes Oberholzer                  NHT Passed (138 Points)

Older Dog Versatile Hunt Test (Over 2 years)

- Dot, GSP bitch handled by Razvan Vlad                                  OAVHT Prize 3 (145 Points)


Hot and dry weather made the going tough, and really tested handlers and dogs both mentally and physically. Passing a test under these conditions leaves a sense of comfort that these dogs can realistically handle situations faced during a hunt with confidence. The mental ability to “switch gears”, discussed during the SAVHDA Workshop, (more about this in another article) was evident, as dogs and handlers progressed from one demanding test to the next.

 Congratulations to those who passed.

 Oscar Neumeyer